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Grease separator

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The grease separator is used to retain and store oils, greases, soaps and other pollutants of lower density than water.

The grease separators are manufactured according to DIN 4040 standards and allow the retention and storage of oils, greases, soaps and other polluting substances of lower density than water, coming from the collective kitchens of restaurants, hotels, food industries, laundries and other establishments that produce waste water containing a high percentage of oleaginous materials and detergents.

These compounds act as inhibitors of the biological process in total oxidation or activated sludge biological treatment plants and in septic tank type treatment plants with biological filters.

Grease separator

Grease separator


The wastewater enters the grease separator, still hot, directly from the sink, washing machine or dishwasher, where it will remain for the necessary time to cool down and release the dissolved grease. Due to their low density, these fats rise to the surface of the tank, where they are retained. The water is evacuated to the lower part of the separator, so that the treated water can be collected when the presence of grease is practically non-existent.

It is recommended to install the grease separator as close as possible to the kitchen, so that the water does not cool down and can release the grease.

The maintenance of the separator should be carried out 3 or 4 times a year, removing the layer of grease accumulated on the surface. The sludge retained in the lower part should be removed once a year.

The grease separator must be installed before the septic tank + biological filter, or before an extended aeration or total oxidation treatment plant, and also before discharge into the sewer, when the activity carried out causes a high percentage of dissolved grease in the discharge water.

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