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Vertical tank with legs

Products - Vertical tank with legs

The specific format of this tank allows it to be emptied through a lower evacuation tube.

The specific shape of these tanks allows them to be emptied through their lower evacuation tube (located in the lower part of the lower oval bottom).

Vertical tank with legs

These Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (GRP/FRP) tanks are especially suitable for containing food or industrial products, among which we highlight: expired products, products with strict sanitary requirements, liquids with a high content of sedimentable impurities, since their specific characteristics let the tank to be completely emptied periodically, allowing the tank to be thoroughly cleaned, if necessary. 

Some of the most common products stored in this type of tank are: milk, sugar and molasses solutions, paints, organic fertilizers, chemicals, etc.

The incorporation of legs allows the tank to be installed directly on a flat concrete base.

Our fiberglass-reinforced polyester (GRP/FRP) exterior vertical tanks or cisterns incorporate an exterior layer of opaque paint that protects the contents from ultraviolet rays.

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