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Total oxidation treatment plant

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The total oxidation biological treatment plants are the ideal equipment to achieve a high level of wastewater treatment.

The biological treatment plants of total oxidation or prolonged aeration are the ideal equipment to achieve a high level of purification of wastewater generated in restaurants, hotels, campsites and single-family houses, without connection to the sewage system.

Through the entry of air into the first compartment, the growth of colonies of aerobic microorganisms in suspension (bacterial flocs) is achieved, which capture and degrade the organic pollutants found in the wastewater, then the water passes to the settling compartment, where the bacteria in suspension precipitate to the bottom, from where they are sucked and re-circulated to the aeration compartment. The clarified water, free of solids, exits through the upper pipe to the discharge point.

Total oxidation wastewater treatment plants achieve a significantly higher purification performance than the one achieved with a treatment plant consisting of a septic tank and a biological filter.

Total oxidation treatment plant

Total oxidation treatment plant

1. Roughing phase: Necessary to separate the solids carried by the wastewater at the inlet of the biological treatment plant made of polyester reinforced with fiberglass. The wastewater passes through the roughing screen, which retains particles larger than 20 mm and protects the downstream installations from possible clogging and breakdowns. It is recommended to install a roughing grate upstream of the biological total oxidation treatment plants. In the case of septic tanks, the installation of the grate is not necessary.


2a. Aeration phase: Aeration biological reactor (first compartment): The wastewater is introduced into the aeration enclosure of the total oxidation biological treatment plant, where air is supplied through the diffusers (model 1) or by means of the aeration pump (model 2).


Total oxidation biological treatment plant MODEL 1- The compressor injects air through the submerged diffusers. This system favors the agitation and the contact of the biomass with the organic load to be treated.


Total oxidation biological treatment plant MODEL 2: - Inside the compartment there is an injection pump that shakes and oxygenates the wastewater, avoiding the sedimentation of the suspended matter, homogenizing and favoring the interaction between the active parts.


2b. Decanting phase / sludge recirculation (second compartment) where the biological sludge precipitates and is returned to the first compartment, reincorporating the biological process of organic matter degradation.

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