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Rainwater harvesting systems

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In addition to collecting rainwater, our equipment allows to preserve its quality for a longer period of time.

Water is a scarce commodity in our country. Our equipment allows not only to collect rainwater but also to preserve its quality for a longer period of time. That is why we incorporate a solids filter that prevents the entry of leaves and other organic solids, which can decompose and affect the condition of the stored water.
The rainwater collection and storage system allows the use of properly filtered rainwater for different purposes: toilet flushing tanks, swimming pools, pavement cleaning and garden irrigation.
This system allows significant savings in the water bill, in addition to contributing to environmental sustainability.
Rainwater harvesting systems

Rainwater harvesting systems
  • MODEL 1: Incorporates a mesh filter to collect solids, suitable for a collection area of 200sqm.
  • MODEL 2: Incorporates an automatic self-cleaning filter for solids collection, suitable for collection surfaces of 150sqm.

It also incorporates a water calming system that reduces the flow of incoming water, thus preventing the movement produced from suspending the decanted solids, and a discharge siphon with skimmer effect, which dissolves the layer of floating particles that accumulate on the surface.

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