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Pumping well

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These are prefabricated equipments, ideal for pumping clean water, rainwater, sewage or grey water.

The TADIPOL pumping wells are prefabricated equipments ideal for the evacuation of grey water, sewage or rainwater, where the equipment is below the point of discharge. These prefabricated units include all the necessary accessories for their operation. As it is a compact equipment, its installation is easier and the cost of public works is reduced.

Pumping well

Pumping well

Our pumping wells are a very necessary complement to any type of water treatment installation (septic tanks with biological filter, total oxidation or prolonged aeration treatment plants, grease separators, hydrocarbon separators, etc.).

The design of the pump must take into account the type of water to be pumped (wastewater, greywater, rainwater or clean water), the presence, more or less large, of solids, which will determine the most suitable type of reel (vortex, single-channel, macerator, etc.). Other parameters necessary for the design of the pumping well are the manometric height, the required flow rate, the available voltage (220/380 V) and the reception point (sewer, septic tank, total oxygen treatment plant, etc.).

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