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Large capacity modular decanters

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TADIPOL has extensive experience in the construction and assembly of GRP decanters in segments and assembled on site.

TADIPOL has extensive experience in the construction and assembly of large diameter (Ø4,500 to Ø9,000 mm) fiberglass reinforced polyester decanters built in segments and assembled on site.

These decanters are usually located inside large biological ventilation reactors, built in public works. This position allows for a much more compact and significantly more economical biological treatment plant design than the conventional format of a separate biological reactor and secondary clarifier. This design is fully suitable for populations from 500 to 4,000 inhabitants.

Large capacity modular decanters

The 55º- 60º inclination of the lower conical bottom allows the decanted sludge to easily slide down the cone walls and accumulate at the bottom, from where it is sucked in by a recirculation pump. This design also means a clear reduction in the operating cost of the secondary clarifier, as it does not require a motorized bottom scraper to collect and convey the sludge to the central part.

The decanters include a central calming hood, a perimeter overflow channel with adjustable "Thompson" type notches and systems for fixing and anchoring the decanter to the public works reactor.

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