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Hydrocarbon separators

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Hydrocarbon separators have the function of retaining and accumulating pollutants to prevent them from entering the environment.

TADIPOL designs and builds large hydrocarbon separators in accordance with DIN 1999 (1-6), EN 858 (1 and 2) and UNE-EN 858 standards. They incorporate (depending on requirements) storm chambers (bypass), flow regulating gates, hydrocarbon collection skimmers (manual and automatic), annex tanks for accumulating hydrocarbons, sludge detection probes, hydrocarbon probes, retention grids, access ladders, etc.

It is essential to install this type of separator to prevent the spillage of hydrocarbons, lubricating oils and other products present on the pavements of large car parks, airports, public roads, service stations, mechanical workshops, etc.

Hydrocarbon separators

Hydrocarbon separators

Hydrocarbon separators


The water loaded with hydrocarbons and sludge enters the desanding chamber, where the sands, sludge and other heavy materials are released. Next, they enter the separation compartment, where they remain long enough for hydrocarbons, oils and other compounds with a density lower than that of water to rise to the surface, where they are retained.

It is necessary to install them in establishments located inside and outside urban centres. Domestic wastewater from toilets and kitchens must never be led into the hydrocarbon separator.

In accordance with DIN 1999 (1-6) and CEN N-109-E and EN 858 (1 and 2), the oil separators must be fitted with a compartment for desanding and a calibrated automatic sealing buoy. This separator compartment may be incorporated in the equipment itself or be separate and its size may vary depending on the type of receiving flow.

According to the EN858 standard, all the equipment presented can be classified as "separator systems for light liquids" within group I. Therefore, they must have the maximum permissible content, which is 5 mg/l.

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