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Decanter or sludge thickener

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The decanters are specially designed to achieve high performance in the process of sedimentation of solids.

The truncated cone decanters and thickeners are specially designed to achieve high performance through the sedimentation of solids in primary processes of decantation of sands or coarse solids, biological treatment of activated sludge or activated sludge, buried secondary decanters in total oxidation treatment plants, tertiary treatment of treated water, industrial physico-chemical processes, purification of clean water, etc.

Sludge thickeners have the function of storage and compaction, to increase the concentration of solid matter and reduce the volume of sludge to be treated.

Decanter or sludge thickener

The wastewater enters the settling tank and flows down through the central calming hood. On leaving the hood, the water remains at rest and thus allows suspended particles to precipitate and accumulate in the lower part of the cone, from where they are sucked out through the lower emptying tabulator.

The clarified water is collected in the upper perimeter channel and channeled to the discharge point.

In certain applications it is possible to accelerate the particle settling process by adding specific additives.

TADIPOL builds decanters in a truncated cone format with feet (fitted with 45º or 60º cone), semi-buried decanters, large diameter submerged hoppers, etc.

When the wastewater to be treated is corrosive or is part of a physico-chemical purification process, it will be necessary to incorporate an inner layer of chemical barrier composed of vinylester or bisphenolic anticorrosive resins, which preserve the laminate from chemical attack.

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