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Biological treatment plant

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The septic tank format consists of an upper compartment for solids settling and a lower compartment for biological digestion.

This treatment system is the most practical and effective solution for the treatment of wastewater from isolated houses without connection to the sewage system: camping sites, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Biological treatment plant


The wastewater enters the septic tank, where the suspended matter settles to the bottom forming organic sludge, which begins a process of anaerobic decomposition (digestion), from which simple compounds such as carbon dioxide, methane gas and water are obtained. This biological process reduces the amount of accumulated sludge, contributing to its stabilization, mineralization and compaction. The remaining residue, consisting basically of non-biodegradable materials, is accumulated in the lower part of the tank from where it must be extracted periodically (every 1 or 2 years).

The performance obtained in septic tanks, both in horizontal and vertical format, is 90% removal of suspended solids and 35% reduction of BOD5.


The bio-filter is the perfect complement to the septic tank, as it manages to oxidize the organic pollutants that the septic tank has not been able to eliminate.

The pollutant water from the septic tank is evenly distributed over the plastic filler - with a high specific surface area - by means of a distribution system. A biological film of aerobic active microorganisms forms on the surface of the plastic support, which oxidizes and degrades the organic matter. The purification performance in domestic water treatment is 85% reduction of BOD5. The combined action of the two processes achieves compliance with current regulations for discharge into the public sewage system, the UNE ISO-EN 12566 standard, the EN 1085 and the "Technical Instruction applicable to autonomous sanitation approved by the ACA Board of Directors on November 20, 2008".

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