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Tadipol was founded in 1980 and began its activity mainly as a manufacturer of GRP/FRP tanks, gradually specializing in the manufacture of complex equipment with high technical requirements, as well as in covers and structures also in GRP/FRP, becoming one of the main reference companies in the Spanish and Southern European market.

Extensive technical experience

High level of specialisation

Leading company in the sector


All these years of experience allow us to offer a complete service to our customers. We have a highly specialised and qualified engineering team and operators that guarantee the successful performance of projects, starting with design and engineering, followed by manufacturing, installation and assembly.


There are different production systems for the manufacture of GRP/FRP tanks and covers:
"Filament winding" or continuous winding, is the system used by Tadipol for the manufacture of cylinders, it consists of a continuous winding of fiberglass yarns, impregnated with resin on a circular mold.
"Spray lay up" or manual projection, Tadipol uses this system for the manufacture of bottoms and/or covers that make up a tank. It consists of the simultaneous projection of cut strands of fiberglass and resin on a mold.
"Hand lay up" manual lamination is the method used to join together the different pieces that make up a tank or a cover.

For the assembly of GRP/FRP structures, profiles manufactured by pultrusion are used, which are supplied by Tecnipul, a company of the group.


Tecnipul, was founded in 1998, its activity is based on the production of GRP/FRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester) profiles using the pultrusion method.

The company started its activity as a subdivision of Tadipol, a company dedicated to the manufacture of tanks, covers and GRP/FRP structures, becoming, in a short period of time, one of the national references in the composite industry.

The production center is located in Prats de Rei (Barcelona) and it has facilities of more than 10.000 sqm, it equipped with 24 production lines, laboratory, machining center, and finishing center.

In February 2007, TECNIPUL obtained the ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate for the design and manufacture of fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP/FRP) profiles.

For more information about Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP/FRP) profiles please visit our web site: www.tecnipul.com

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A reference company in the manufacture of storage tanks, chemical process equipment, covers and structures of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP).

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