TADIPOL’s engineering department analyzes each project individually and designs every one of the equipments according to their specifications as: corrosion about the liquid to be stored, the temperature, the abrasion of the product against the tanks walls, etc. According to specifications, the engineers choose the most suitable materials, such as resin and Glass Fiber.

The tanks are manufactured according to the recommendations of the norms EN-13121, BS-4994 and ASME RTP-1, the covers according to the TBC (Technical Building Code) and the EURO CODES and the structures according to the recommendations of the norms EN- 14122 and EN14396.

The static calculations of our equipment are carried out by our technical office, which also has technology for the structural simulation of finite elements.


TADIPOL has two production plants with a total of 16,000 m2 dedicated to the construction of tanks, sewage plants, covers and structures. TECNIPUL (company of the same group) dedicated to the manufacture of pultrusion profiles, has a useful work surface area of 5,000 m2 and 20 production lines.


The tanks, covers and structures installations can be carried out and /or supervised by TADIPOL’s specialized workers, allowing to finish complete projects with the best guarantees.


Our qualified technicians have a long experience in the review and evaluation of the statues of the GRP equipments, so we can offer periodically inspection services and maintenance to detect, identify and correct the defects that may appear, avoiding unexpected events and possible unplanned factory stops.

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