Discover the various sectors where TADIPOL is specialized.

The company has a great experience in the manufacture of custom-made equipments and has wide range of solutions to answer to requirements and specific needs of each client.


TADIPOL has accumulated large experience in the manufacture of several GRP equipments for urban wastewater treatment. We have a wide range of standard treatment plants equipments, such as oxidation treatment plants, septic tanks with filter, hydrocarbon or fat separators, decanters, thickeners, etc. The company also has large experience in the manufacture of custom-made equipments, designed to meet the needs of each client. These equipments are mainly used in WWTP-EDAR’s, DWTP-ETAP’s, desalination plants, etc.


The GRP high resistance to corrosion properties makes this material suitable for the manufacture of equipments for the chemical industry. TADIPOL has developed projects in different sectors of the chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The company offers a wide range of solutions to answer to the requirements and specific needs of each client, such as storage tanks or chemical processing equipments, as well as the design and manufacture of GRP structures for the access to machines or facilities.


The facilities in the metallurgical industry are subjected to really hard working conditions. The GRP material has ideal properties for this sector: very good mechanical resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance and electrical insulation. These properties increase the service life of the facility making it safer. TADIPOL offers two GRP products lines for the metallurgical sector: Storage and processing tanks. Structures: access ladders, safety handrails, walkways, platforms, auxiliary structures, etc.


TADIPOL has a large range of GRP products offering big performance in front of the difficult working conditions which the mining industry is exposed: impact risk, fatigue and abrasion risk, extreme weather conditions and aggressive chemical agent’s exposure. The replacement of the more comment used traditional materials for the composite materials, increases the useful life and reduces the facility maintenance costs. We have two product lines for the mining industry: GRP Boilermaking, with storage and treatment plant solutions, and GRP structures such as ladders, walkways, platforms, or any type of structures.


TADIPOL has two product lines for the food industry. On one hand, the GRP boilermaking for processing and storage, and the other, profiling and GRP gratings for structures, pedestrian walkway and Slip-proof surfaces. Our products properties such as the easy cleaning way and the wet resistance make them suitable for the food industry. All GRP tanks are manufactured using certified resins for food use, and further post cure treatment, they are the two indispensable conditions for the manufacture of tanks to be containing food products.


TADIPOL‘s GRP products are resistant to corrosion, lightweight and have excellent mechanical properties. Thanks to this, they are able to improve the reliability and performance of the facilities in the energy industry. One of the main GRP properties is that it is a transparent material in electromagnetic waves and excellent electrical insulator. This means that the structures made with this material are the most suitable for ATEX areas on places where there may be a risk of interference.


TADIPOL has a long experience in the design, calculation and manufacture of structures for the building industry sector, made with GRP profiles manufactured by the pultrusion method, such as ladders, handrails, closings, walkways or any type of structure, the manufacture of GRP corrugated bars and hoops, as well as the design and calculation of reinforced concrete frames, another TADIPOL’s product developed for the building sector.