Tadipol is a reference Company in the engineering sector; it is at the head on design & manufacturing of special Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pieces.

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    Our engineering technical office produces any bespoke designs according each client needs.

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    We are specialized on several sectors in order to arrive to all our customers and satisfy all their needs.

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The TADIPOL GROUP has over 34 years of experience in manufacturing Special Items for Boilermaking industry on Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP), which have allowed become a reference Company on the Wastewater Treatment Sector, Water Storage, Chemical Storage, Industrial Processes, GRP Large Format Covers and GRP Structures.



TADIPOL offers a wide range of types of tanks for storage: vertical aboveground tanks, vertical underground tanks, vertical open tanks, horizontal aboveground tanks, horizontal underground tanks, silos, rainwater collection systems, thermal insulated tanks, etc. They are suitable for both fluids and solids. Our engineering department will do a customized design based on your needs.


TADIPOL offers to their customers different advanced wastewater treatments processes: total oxidation water treatment equipment, biological water treatment equipment, fat separators, hydrocarbons separators, pumping stations, decanters or sludge thickeners. Tadipol’s team will to made ready bespoken design adapted to any of your specifications needs, considering all factors and ensuring the accomplishment of the current legislation.

Chemical process equipments

Thanks to the specific properties of GRP such as reliability, corrosion resistance and flexibility in equipment design, make this material suitable for the manufacture of chemical processing equipment. TADIPOL has achieved great experience developing personalized projects and personalized service for different sectors such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries with all kinds of applications.

GRP covers

TADIPOL also has specialized in the design, manufacture and assembly of GRP covers. These kinds of covers are particularly suitable for covering of various equipments for WWTP/EDAR (wastewater treatment plants) or DWTP/ETAP (Drinking water treatment plants). Used two different systems of production: modular covers and pultruded profiles covers. This allows us to provide effective solutions to customer needs and optimize the investment depending on the size and specifications of the cover.

GRP structures

The properties of new advanced composite materials, such as corrosion resistance or thanks to their excellent structural resistance and their low weight relation, have opened up new possibilities to planning structures in aggressive environments. The wide range of TADIPOL GRP structural profiles allows projecting all types of structures such as: vertical ladders, sloped leader, handrails, walkways, closings and fully customized structures.

GRP moulded gratings

The covers for chests, chanels, etc, with GRP MOULDED GRATINGS, are suitable for all kind of outdoor facilities or areas with corrosive environments. The mechanical properties and bi-directional resistance of the Moulded Gratings make them possible to be divided in the most convenient way, giving completely freedom design and maintaining the resistance. Thanks to the low conductivity of the GRP, TADIPOL’s enclosures with GRP moulded gratings are particularly suitable to isolate areas with high voltage power.

Take a look at our catalogue and discover all the products and services offered by TADIPOL.


Water treatment

TADIPOL has several years of wide experience manufacturing different types of GRP equipments for urban wastewaters treatments.

Chemical industry

The high corrosion resistance properties of GRP make this material suitable for the manufacture of equipments for the chemical industry.

Metallurgy industry

GRP is a material with properties suitable for the metallurgy facilities sector considering these Companies are subjected to harsh working conditions.

Mining industry

TADIPOL has a wide range of GRP products, which offer great performance despite the harsh working conditions in the mining industry which is exposed.

Food industry

TADIPOL has two product lines for the food industry: GRP Boilermaking and GRP gratings and profiles. The properties of GRP products make them ideal for this industry.

Energy industry

TADIPOL’s GRP products are corrosion resistant, lightweight and have excellent mechanical properties; thanks to this they improved reliability and performance in the energy industry.